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Search Engine Tips "2" for more traffic

You made it past the first tutorial and you're rearing to learn more? Well good! If you weren't we wouldn't need this page would we!

This Tutorial will be mostly about ghost pages. Yep, that's right...ghost pages. Okay I can tell you are getting scared, don't be. Theres no such thing as ghosts shhhh! Ghost pages are an important part of web site promotion.

First let me explain the concept of ghost pages. Ghost pages are pages that aren't created for viewers, however they are created for search engines. Ghost pages are simply pages loaded with keywords and descriptions. You take a page...fill it from top to bottom with hundreds of keywords that deal with your site. At the top of the page you put a link to your main page. Be sure to use the META TAGS like we explained in the last tutorial as well. Walla! Ya got yourself a ghost page. Next you submit your ghost page to the Search engines. The Engines come to the page to spider and rank it...see all the keywords and think

'Hey! Look at all these words that have to do with this one thing! I think we'll put this page at the top of our search engine lists!'

Because Search Engines use spiders...spiders are automated machines that come to your web site...they search the page automatically for keywords and descriptions so that the search engines know how high to rank the page. The Spider is a computer, and we all know how dumb computers can be sometimes...so its easy to fool them into thinking your page is more important than it really is.

You can create as many ghost pages as you like. But be sure to keep the keywords relevant to your homepage or you may wind up with trouble...allow me to explain...

Ghost pages are an ify topic. The search engines want to keep there engines as up to the date and relevant as possible. They don't really like to have thousands of non relevant pages floating around. Many people use ghost pages to spam search engines. They do this by creating hundreds of ghost pages filled with the most popular keywords such as sex and porn and cars etc. when their site has nothing to do with these keywords.

I will tell you up front...creating ghost pages with words like sex and women and cars and other keywords that have nothing to do with your page will work in creating short term high traffic flows to your site. BUT Search Engines are starting to catch on to these types of practises and are starting to look for ways around it. Some are even coming out publicly and saying that anyone found doing this will be given the lowest priority and in some cases dropped from the engines forever!

So be careful...only use relevant keywords. And keep the keywords to a maximum of 20 or so words. Take our advice...don't spam the Search Engines...in the long run its not worth it.

More tips comming soon!

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