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Announcing the most unique resell program on the Internet!

It is now possible to make money from your own web site as a Market-Tek Distributor of our newest E-Book, Internet Success Revealed!

This program is THE most unique reseller program on the entire Internet and I will tell you why!

Since Internet Success Revealed (http://www.market-tek.com/success.html) is produced as an E-Book (electronic book), our distributors may copy it on their own computers virtually thousands of times, or upload it to their web server enabling UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS!

What does this mean to you? It means that once you purchase the book from us for $40.00 USD, you have the licensed right to reproduce it and sell it as many times as you want, for whatever price you want without paying US for each copy you sell! So if you sell one copy for $40.00, you get to keep the ENTIRE $40.00 yourself!

That's what makes this program so unique! Most reseller programs make you pay a percentage of each sale you make to the company who owns the product. As a Market-Tek distributor you will never have to pay us any commission or fee EVER!

Internet Success Revealed also teaches everyone that purchases it how to get 10 Megs of web space complete with CGI FTP http://yourname.ourname.net and more for free. As a distributor, you will also be allowed to offer this information to your clients as a free gift with each book they purchase from you!

This E-Book has proven itself to be a hot selling item, and when it comes with the free web space info, ANYONE selling it has the potential to make a nice amount of money.

Become a distributor today and we'll give you 5,000 free Banner Credits at BannerClicks ($75.00 value). You can use the credits for your regular site or to help you sell more books!

To become a Market-Tek Distributor, simply goto: http://www.market-tek.com/success.html and order the book! It comes with its own distributor license and further information.

After your order is processed you will be rushed a download site address. Download the book and you are ready to go!

As with all our products and services, we offer a 10 day money back guarantee if you are not COMPLETELY satisfied.

Accept Credit Cards from your Web Site!
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