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Market-Tek was created to help people with web sites and Internet Businesses promote their sites and sell more products.

Giving people the tools necessary to be successful online is our main goal. We wish to bring a nice balance of free information and cheap services to those just starting out in the world of Internet Promotion and Marketing.

Starting out with Web site Promotion is the worst. Most people don't know where to start, and finding information is very tough. We try to bring that information forward and present it to everyone in one place here at our web site.

Market-Tek was Created by John Skorczewski in late 96. It continues to be a leader in Internet Marketing, and is growing larger each month. Offering free basic information as well as Services that can't be beat anywhere on the net, Market-Tek is your home for Internet Promotion and Marketing.

We now operate 10 web sites and have developed and released 4 web promotion software titles, as well as published 2 books on web promotion and starting an Internet Business. Here at Market-Tek Enterprises, Inc. We truly are your web site promotion center!

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