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Have you created a killer webpage, only to find out that no one ever comes to see it? Maybe you've done a little promoting on your own, but still only receive a few hundred visitors per week?

The problem is very simple, and simple to fix! All you need to do is have your page placed on ALL the major Search Engines.

Market Tek will submit your webpage (1 URL) to over 900 Search Engines, Directories, News and Link Listings within 3 Business days.

Price: $40.00

Compare that to other places that charge up to $150.00 or more, and you can see why promoting your site with Market-Tek is the best choice you can make.

We promote your site on all major search engines, and more importantly...we do it correctly. We use keywords that you specify to make sure you get the highest placement on each search engine.

Start down the road to higher traffic today. Now you too can take advantage of greater traffic by having your site professionally placed on All the major Search Engines.

To order this service fill out the form below, or use our SECURE Server if you are worried about your credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you wish to pay by check mail us at Market-Tek Mail and we will give you further instructions. If you have any questions feel free to mail us at the address below.

After the work has been completed, you will receive a detailed report via email, which will confirm your sites listing and status on all the Search Engines submitted.

We offer a FULL money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Take a look at some of our most recent satisfied clients

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We submit to:
Hot Bot
Jayde Online
Open Text
Starting Point
Web Crawler
AAA Multimedia Web Links
Acryton Web Links
Add It Free
Adendle Web Links
ADM City Links
Alabama Internet Links[United States of America]
Alaska Internet Links[United States of America]
All World Link
Allworld Internet Links
America Shoping Mall
Ameritel Web Links
Amorn & Siripong WWW Links
Anzwers Web Crawler
AOL Netfind
APIC Web Links
Aqua Safari Internet Links
Argo Gold Web Links
Ark Graphics
Asia Business Connection
AtoZ Solutions
Bens Internet Links
Bills Internet Links
Business classifieds Links
Business Window Web
California Internet Links[United States of America]
Camtech Austrailia (Free Edition)
CDNET Web Search
CG International Links
Chalen Enterprises
CMT Links
Computer And Comunication Links
Concept Kolorcards
Conch Republic Internet Links
Countries Internet Links
Cozy Cabin
CYBER WHIZ (Free Edition)
CyberArea Internet Links
Darren's Web Links
Der Erste deutsche Crawler im Internet
Dewa Internet Directory
Dial One Internet Links
Digartz Internet Links
Directorio de Argentina Latinoamerica y Espana
Dive Intcity Links
Diverse Media Web Links
Domain Server Web Links
Dragonfire Internet Links
Dresser Web Links (Free Edition)
Eight Hundred Internet Directory
Eight to Infinity Internet Links
EIT Search
Ejka Web Links
Eule Internet Links
Exploit Link Page
Exploit Random Links
Ferret Web Links
Fido's Blue Ribbon Sites (Free Edition)
FindLink (Free Edition)
Four Eleven Internet Spider
Freds Internet Links
Galatic Galaxy Star Search
Georgian Net
Global Highway (Free Edition)
Goenvision Internet Links
Goodnet Web Links
Gorospe Internet Links
Hermanus Internet Links
Hong Kong Internet Search
Ice Online
Income Usa Internet Links
InfoHiway Internet Links
Innovative Access Links
Insite Two Thousand
International Dataline
Intuitive Web Index
IRFA Media
Iscope Web Links
IVCS Classifeids
Jayde Gold Awards
Jump City Directory
Jumper Internet Links
Karracom New web links
Kcadsrus Internet Links
Kennel Nixenspitze
Kita Engineering Internet Links
KKT Internet Links
Legend Free For All Link Page
Leopard Promotions Links
Link Matic
Link Me
Lubbe Internet Links
Machiko Internet Links
Internet Guide
Magic City Web Links
MarketWizz Classifeids
Mattheus Internet Links
Mega Mall
Meiji Internet Links
Mind Design Web Directory
MSDNA Web Directory
MultiSoft Italian Links
Mystic PC Internet Links
National Internet Links (Free Edition)
Nerd World Media
Net Nut Internet Links
Net User Web Links
NetLang Internet Links
Netsonic Internet Directory
Ninon Internet Links
No1uno'z add-a-link
Node Zero
Northern Light
Nowhere Web Links
NTG's Cyber Mall
NWOH Links[United States of America]
Ocean Bridge Directory
On a Mission
One America Mall
Ouray Web Links
Peke Classifeids
Pink Fud's Fabulous Internet Directory
Pizzaman Web Links
Plemsoft Web
Plug Web Links
Polar Search (Free Edition)
Potsdam Internet Links
Powerseek Links
Puckos Web Links
Punjab Online Internet Links
Ravens Loft
Rising Force Web Directory
Road House
Roadside Links
Rome Links
RVL Score Internet Links
Servers Unlimited Internet Links
Sevmashvtuz Internet Links
Sheps web Direcetory
Sideshow Web Links
Site Works Web Directory
Slither and squeak
Small Business Directory
Snowcrest Internet Links
Spanish Superlinks
SpecsWeb Internet Links
Star Server
Student Internet Links
Studio West
Submit One
Surf Gopher
Surf Search
Surfer Net Web Links
Sybec Web Links
Sydney Intenet Links
Tawaern Internet Links
Tein Cool Links
Terrigal Web Links
The Better Web Directory
The Chess Board
The China Channel
The Do Team Internet Links
The Entertainment And Travel Links
The Fox Den
The Funnel Web Spider
The Point Web Links
The Shadow Zone
The Wave Internet Links (Free Edition)
The Web Underground
Too Cool's Internet Links
Trade City
TurnPike Emporium Web Index
Two Cool Business Links
UC Classifieds - Webbo Pages Internet Links
Unipmn Internet Links
USWW Internet Links
Valdosta Internet Links
Vlee Internet Links
Warwickers Web
Wave Tech Insta Links
Web Add
Web Brokers Internet links
Web DE
Web Maker
Web Scouts Internet Links[United States of America]
Web Search
Web Sprinter Internet Links
Websource Internet Links
WebVenture Hotlist
What u Seek Internet Directory
Wilstar Internet Links
WinMags HotSpots
Wm Baker Internet links
World Shoping Internet Directory
World Wide Mart
World Wide Web Worm
Web Me Now
Xcite Master Internet Links
Yellow Pages Super Highway
Yushy Internet Links
Cyber Express Directory Links
HPS Academy
WM Austria

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