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Search Engine Tips for more traffic

Okay...so you've just created your first home page, submitted it to the major search engines and you're ready for the hits to start rollin in. You wait a day...no one comes. You wait a week...no one comes. You wait a month and the only visitors you've managed to get are yourself and a few friends. What's the problem??

You haven't promoted your site correctly!! There are so many things that need to be done before You even begin to submit your pages to the Search Engines...that if you don't do, most Engines wont even bother to list you!

Don't worry, theres still hope for you! Lets start out with Meta Tags. Meta Tags are what the search engines look for when they spider your site. You need to place all meta tags between the <head> and </head>section of your html document. So what do I put in these Meta thingies? Well that's simple! Place a short description of your site in the first one and a list of keywords you would like to be indexed under in the second one. Like so:

<meta name="description" content="Place a description of your site here!">

<meta name="keywords" content="Place, your, key, words, here, in, this, one">

Now isn't that easy? This is a very important thing to have on your page if you plan to submit to Search Engines. It wont solve all your problems, but it sure will help!

You will also need to spread your keywords around the page. Wont they show up and clutter my page?? You ask...not if you do it right! Simply place your keywords in brackets in the html document like so:

<!--keyword, keyword, keyword-->

This way the search engine will see your keywords and record them, but the keywords wont get in the way of your page design. Pretty smart eh? Yeah, we know!

Ready for the next tutorial?? If you thought this one was cool wait till you see the next one!


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